How We Can Help with Chronic Knee Pain

Over 25 percent of Americans have a condition that causes knee or leg pain. Nearly half of Americans develop symptoms of knee osteoarthritis by age 85. If you are one of the many who suffers from [...]

Five Ways to Soothe Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are the most common type of headache among teenagers and adults. They occur when the neck and scalp muscles contract in response to stress, depression, head injury or anxiety. [...]

We Help With Low Back Pain

Low back pain is well, a pain. It reduces your quality of life, negatively affects your relationships, and interferes with your ability to work and carry out daily activities. Low back pain is [...]

Ease Your Pain with a Sympathetic Block

Ease Your Pain with a Sympathetic Block The sympathetic nervous system is a series of nerves that control involuntary body functions, such as blood flow, heart rate, and digestion. While not [...]

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