Dr. Adam Wuollet will soon be moving and transferring care of his patients to other exceptional IPW providers.

Dear IPW patients, family, and friends,

Five years ago, Innovative Pain and Wellness was founded with the idea of being the premier patient-centric multimodal interventional pain practice in Arizona. Since then, we have elevated the level of compassion, attention, empathy, and guidance for acute and chronic pain sufferers in the Valley. We attest that patient education and empowerment are fundamental to our patient’s path to wellness. We believe this starts with a healthy relationship with your provider at IPW. 

As some of you may know, our friend Dr. Woullet has decided to move his family to Missouri. Dr. Woullet has been a dear friend, a mentor, and a great partner to me. He has been instrumental in guiding the culture of care at IPW.  Although we are losing one of the great doctors in the Valley, we are very excited for him and supportive of his decision. At IPW we always say, “family first”, and this move is a great opportunity for Dr. Woullet. 

In the next several weeks, we will be transitioning your care to ensure excellent continuity with our other amazing physicians and providers. The Deer Valley location where Dr. Woullet sees patients will be overseen by Drs. Scott and Overdorf. They are highly trained, like-minded, and have worked with Dr. Woullet for years. You will continue to have incredible care in these very capable hands. 

Dr. Woullet will be assisting the transition of care process. He is coordinating the transfer of care for the next several weeks and we will be reviewing charts and notes. It is a uniquely positive and rare experience when a physician moves to have such a coordinated effort amongst the team. This will ensure that your path to wellness continues into the future, giving a personal touch, and providing hope. Please rest assured, IPW is committed to you having a strong rapport with your provider for years to come! 

Please join us in thanking Dr. Woullet for his compassionate care!

With respect,

Dr. Daniel O’Connor