IASTM: Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) is a non-surgical procedure that works to break down fascial restrictions and scar tissue and improve range of motion, strength, and pain perception.

“A soft-tissue injury is caused when muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia are damaged.”

How Does it Work?

IASTM uses specially designed stainless-steel instruments to cause microtrauma to the affected area, which stimulates the body’s inflammatory response to reabsorb the excess fibrosis and scar tissue and facilitates healing of the soft tissue.

Studies have shown the benefits of IASTM include improvements in range of motion, strength and pain perception following treatment.

When is IASTM Recommended?

We use IASTM for patients who have soft tissue damage that developed as a result of surgery, immobilization, or repeated strain and are suffering from limited motion, pain during motion, motor control issues and muscle recruitment issues.

IASTM is used to treat a variety of conditions, including:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Neck Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Tendinitis
  • Strains and Sprains
  • Shin Splints
  • Surgical and Traumatic Scars

What is a Soft-Tissue Injury?

A soft-tissue injury is caused when muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia are damaged. Common soft tissue injuries include sprains, muscle strains, contusions, or overuse of a body part. Soft tissue injuries can result in pain, swelling, bruising and loss of function.

It may be several weeks or months after an injury that you notice reduced movement or increased pain in a previously injured area because it takes time for your body to create excess fibrosis and scar tissue. IASTM is a non-invasive procedure that can help reverse the effects of excess fibrosis and scar tissue and help you regain movement and reduce or get rid of pain altogether.

How Many IASTM Treatments are Needed?

Results vary, but most patients receive two treatments per week, over 4-5 weeks. You should begin seeing results by the third or fourth treatment.

If you are experiencing limited range of motion, a reduction of strength in a limb, or pain after a soft-tissue injury, talk to your Innovative Pain and Wellness physician. We look forward to working with you to help you get back to your active and pain-free life!

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