Options For Better Wellness

We found that a fully-integrated treatment model, combined with the latest in evidence-based resources, lends itself to improving the overall health and function of our patients. Our approach to wellness is to simply leave no stone unturned when it comes to the treatment options we consider for each patient’s individualized care plan.

Now offering VSAT™ Testing

At Innovative Pain and Wellness, our team is dedicated to understanding how our patients’ pain conditions are deeply connected to their overall health and lifestyle factors. Through this integrative approach, we recognize the importance of developing a complete representation of the overall health of our patients, and learning how our approach to their care may be customized to their unique health needs.

One method that Innovative Pain and Wellness has implemented in order to better understand the needs of our patients is called VSAT, which stands for Vital Systems Assessment Tests™. These tests include three unique assessments, including: Heart Rate Variability, Pulse Wave Velocity, and Sudomotor Function tests. This series of tests allows our providers to better understand a patient’s unique risk for cardiovascular and neurological disorders, like heart attack or stroke, and typically provides more complete data before other tests would show any warning signs.

We are excited about the implementation of VSAT testing for our patients in order to be able to better diagnose and care for the root cause of many conditions, rather than simply provide tools to mask the symptoms. VSAT not only provides our team with a more complete view of our patients’ health, but also allows for more valuable monitoring over time in order to gauge the effectiveness of treatment by highlighting the trends of a patient’s response over time. This information allows us to create a highly-targeted approach to a patient’s care.

VSAT testing does not involve the drawing of blood or any injections, and instead relies on painless topical sensors applied at our office by trained members of our team. Testing typically takes just 20-30 minutes.


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