Sustained Relief with Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression therapy is non-invasive and works by stretching the muscles close to your spine and relieving pressure on the joints and discs of the spine. The therapy also promotes the natural healing process by increasing blood flow to the painful area. If you suffer from low back or neck pain, your doctor will develop a comprehensive treatment plan for you which may include non-surgical spinal decompression therapy. You can undergo spinal decompression therapy while continuing other treatments for your pain.

At Innovative Pain and Wellness, we utilize an FDA-approved spinal decompression system made up of a therapeutic table with a fitted harness that is connected to a computer. The computer is programmed for your specific treatment plan. The system gently manipulates your back with traction (assisted stretching) and distraction (the angle of the stretching). Unlike older systems, the advanced technology of our system targets the specific area of your pain and avoids reflexive muscle tension and spasms.

“The therapy promotes the natural healing process by increasing blood flow to the painful area.”

During a spinal decompression therapy session, you will lie down on the treatment table and the harness will be comfortably adjusted to fit you. The equipment will go through several cycles of traction/distraction and relaxation. The traction/distraction cycles last three to five minutes each. You may feel a mild stretching and release of pressure during these cycles, and they are unlikely to cause you pain. If you feel discomfort, you may discontinue the treatment at any point during the session. Each session takes about 15 to 20 minutes, and your doctor will often recommend a series of them.

Studies of this type of spinal decompression therapy have demonstrated that over 80 percent of patients achieve immediate and lasting pain relief. Although you may feel immediate pain relief from spinal decompression therapy, you should continue your treatment plan for maximum benefit. Explore this revolutionary treatment that has been helping people alleviate neck, back, and sciatica pain! Your Innovative Pain and Wellness team believes that patient education is crucial to excellent health care delivery, making our trusting relationships with you of the uttermost importance. Speak to one of our specialists and begin enjoying a stronger, healthier body today!

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