Weight Loss and Metabolics

“We believe that weight loss and nutrition are key parts to decreasing pain.”

A Message from Innovative Pain and Wellness

We believe that weight loss and nutrition are key parts of decreasing pain. Several studies have linked weight loss to decreasing pain throughout the body, not just weight-bearing joints.

We feel so strongly about influencing the overall health of our patients that we offer our nutrition seminars for free and we welcome anyone to attend.

We have teamed up with Chance and Kacey Pearson, who are experts in the field of nutrition and wellness and have been health coaches for countless clients throughout the years. Attending these seminars is free for anyone who wants to learn more about various nutrition and wellness topics, but they will also offer more tools beyond these seminars for those who wish to have more information, coaching, and accountability to achieve their weight loss goals.

Chance & Kacey Pearson

Nutrition & Wellness Experts

Chance Pearson holds a degree in Exercise Wellness from Arizona State University. He’s spent his career coaching clients and other health coaches in the realm of exercise and nutrition. Chance has an uncanny ability to simplify the things he’s learned over the last 20 years which allows him to better communicate, teach, and empower.

Kacey Pearson holds a master’s degree in Social Work with an emphasis in Eating Disorder Treatment and Addiction Counseling from Arizona State University. She has a passion to teach, guide and encourage those around her to live a balanced, joyful and healthy lifestyle through healthy habits, nutrition and exercise.

Pearson Family